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Jet Car Stunts 2

Jet Car Stunts 2 has 7 cars: Buggy, Original, Compact, Truck, Jet Car, Sports and Stock. Some cars are only available in some game modes. Steer the car by tilting the device. Use the on-screen buttons for the accelerator, brake, afterburner and handbrake (air-brake). The car can be orientated in the air by tilting while holding the afterburner or air-brake. The game also supports HID controllers on devices that support it.
Jet Car Stunts 2 has 4 game modes, Platforming, Time Trial, Freestyle and Racing. The goals for each mode are displayed on the Levels Properties screen after selecting a track. Pressing the Track Type button on that screen gives a more detailed description.

If you land upside down, you can tilt to rock the car back onto its wheels.
Using the air brake (!) will help right the cars orientation when in the air.
The Jet Cars controls are a bit different to the other cars in the air.
Use the reset button to quickly go back to the last checkpoint.

Level Editor ~ new levels can be created by selecting the Create button. Additional levels created by True Axis and other users can be downloaded and played by using the User Levels menu.

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